For those occasional short-term or long-term moments when you need to increase your workforce, but without adding to your overhead, this Staffing Solution keeps your company productive and on task for any project or purpose.


This Staffing Solution is ideal for project-based assignments or for when both you and the candidate agree to a “try out” period before committing to a permanent hiring decision.

Payroll Services

How would you like to lessen the worry and risks tied to Workers’ Compensation, Unemployment Insurance, benefits, layoffs, discrimination, and other general exposure associated with having traditional employees? This Staffing Solution allows you the freedom to do so. Simply rollover the payroll to us and we will take care of everything for you.

Contractor Benefits

Happy workers are productive workers! By providing our Contractors with quality benefits, we believe you will enjoy greater retention and productivity from our Contractors. As the W-2 Employer-of-Record, our back-office support pays the contract employee weekly. Gain a competitive advantage with this Staffing Solution!

Available benefits include:

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